JavaScript is a cool programming language, but it’s also a complex one. If you want to make a website, you need to know the basics. But if you want to make a cutting-edge app, you’ll need to know a lot more about JavaScript. Here’s where js coding challenges can help.

Here are a few JS coding tests sites that will help you get started.


TopCoder ranks really high among coding challenge sites for more reasons than one. First, TopCoder is a time-tested JavaScript coding challenge site that pushes developers to solve problems in the shortest time possible to enhance their skills.

Secondly, this coding challenge site offers new and exciting challenges each and every week, which in turn presents developers with a wonderful platform for constantly testing themselves and keeping them on their toes.

What’s even more, TopCoder offers a wide array of archived challenges that you can play at your own time, so you will never have to worry about running out of challenges.

If that’s not all, this site allows you to participate in single-round matches where you can put your skills to the test against another coding player. Only after doing so is a developer rest assured that they have gotten the hang of JavaScript coding.

This growing platform is specifically designed to assist developers in increasing their JavaScript knowledge and other coding skills through numerous skills and challenges. This free-of-charge site offers exciting challenges for over 51 programming languages and has currently been used by over 50,000 students who have taken up the JavaScript challenges.

To be precise, this site features 117 coding mentors who shall assist you in your coding journey and exactly 101 JavaScript challenges and exercises that shall assist you in your journey as well. mentors are not only knowledgeable JavaScript developers but are also readily available to you whenever you need some help in solving those hard-to-crack programming problems.

If you are in for that challenging but rewarding coding challenge, then is just the right site for you. This site, through its challenge, allows you to build an online chat app from scratch to completion using Vue.js and Laravel. This sophisticated chat app features username and password authentication, stores the registration information in a database, and facilitates the participation of users in a number of chats.

The site features one-on-one conversations, read and delivered receipts, group chats, typing indicators, and so much more. In this JavaScript project, you will be able to build both a complex and fun front end without an overwhelming number of difficult details.


Also referred to as Sphere Online Judge, SPOJ is an assorted platform for coding students that has over 25,000,000 submissions and 700,000 users, which offers an extensive knowledge base for developers.

Here, developers are able to learn various coding languages, including JavaScript, using the wide array of material found in the program. To begin, developers have to simply navigate to the ‘problems’ section on the SPOJ website and scroll through the countless projects that are available.

JS Coding Challenges Final Thoughts

Coding challenges are graded according to quality, views, and difficulty making it easy to find the perfect one for you. Developers using this site can rest assured that they shall find all the resources they need, be it simple coding challenges all the way to more challenging ones.