August 22, 2020

Secure Your Computer From Hacking Attacks Through Pen Testing

A Penetration Testing, also called a pen testing, ethical hacker test or pentest, is an officially authorized simulated cyber attack on a particular system, conducted in order to test the protection of that system against attacks from the cyber world. Not to be mistaken with a vulnerability scan. A Penetration Testing is often considered a more realistic way of finding out the extent of damage a system has sustained from attacks. It involves both manual and automated testing procedures. This type of testing is used in the field of Information Technology Security, where it is used to gain an insight into the security systems that protect confidential data.

There are many reasons for performing Penetration Testing. While it is commonly carried out by IT professionals to find and repair security flaws in company websites and networks, Penetration Testing can also be employed by the end users of web applications to determine whether their security patches and software programs are efficient and up-to-date. Security patches are usually offered free of charge by the respective vendor or service provider. However, many people fail to make use of these free security patches because they do not understand their importance and implications. Without proper understanding of what these patches provide, hackers can breach your security and cause substantial damage to your business.

While performing Penetration Testing, the Penetration Test engineer first exploits a system through which he then tests the various vulnerable points that could be exploited via the targeted website. The Internet protocol suite is utilized by the tester to connect to the website being targeted for the Pen Testing process. The tester then performs a series of web exploits to test how well-written the exploit code is by the server. The more realistic the scenario is, the better results the tester will …

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August 22, 2020

A Discussion of HIPAA Security Safeguards

HIPAA security safeguards are now the most important feature of an organization’s security plan. The National Institute of Security and Protection of Information (NISI) defines the HIPAA as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. The HIPAA specifies guidelines for protected health information and sets the rules for health information custodians. The guidelines are intended to provide comprehensive protection to an individual’s private health information. HIPAA security safeguards are incorporated into various programs and systems and these systems are used by organizations to guarantee proper handling of patient health information.

HIPAA security safeguards are integrated into various business processes including electronic health record management (EHR), carrier-driven models of software and hardware, and database management. The guidelines of HIPAA state that a covered entity must comply with the Privacy Rule and the Security Rule. A covered entity must also comply with the Rule if the covered entity performs software or hardware conversions or updates to its system that are necessary to operate properly according to HIPAA standards. In addition, a covered entity must comply with implementing a system to track electronic data interchange or transfers to and from electronic medical records and secure data storage devices according to the Security Rule.

The Security Rule states that covered entities are responsible for ensuring appropriate security measures are in place to protect the rights of individuals. According to the rule, a covered entity may not perform security measures that rely on unrealistic assumptions about the level of risk or vulnerability of its system or information. A covered entity must ensure that its technical security safeguards procedures and activities do not violate the Privacy Rule.

Hipaa Security Safeguards

One of the major objectives of HIPAA is to set the standards for how an organization should handle its protected health information. The Security Rule …

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July 19, 2020

Advantages Of Computer Testing Over Other Methods

Penetration testing is part and parcel of a comprehensive web-based exams curriculum. It has emerged as the most important segment of this curriculum. The candidates enrolled in these courses have to successfully pass two exams – the Common Assessment Procedure (CAP) and the Data Security Standard (DSS). In addition, these courses also involve writing several laboratory examinations. To study for these computer-based tests, candidates need to have sound knowledge of the computer languages and hence, they should also possess the right kind of computer testing experience.

The first phase of the exam includes written examinations. Candidates can opt for the Mercer or The Ohio State University Examination Bounds and Scoring System. The test material consists of 30 questions, which cover almost all the areas of computer testing software. Apart from the written examination, candidates are required to complete two skill-testing sections in addition to the written examination. The computer security areas include the Secure Remote Network Management (SRN), Digital Certificate Delivery and Verification Testing.

The second phase of the exam includes written tests and one or two CPU diagnostic tests. The tests are to be done under controlled environments. Under the CPU Diagnostic portion, a computer scientist requires to test the system performance with reference to three different types of parameters. The first one is the platform performance, which is defined with reference to the operating system and hardware. The second one is the context performance which is defined with reference to the software and the environment.

Computer Testing Software

The third portion of the exam includes mobile-based tests and remote-computer testing. These test types can be divided into two major categories – the web-based tests and the CPU/system level tests. The tests based on the web-based examination systems require candidates to develop an application using the popular browsers like …

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July 17, 2020

Top 5 Popular Red Team Jobs

Red Team Jobs is specialized roles which require experienced professionals in a given area to enter a business. You must develop particular sales, human resources, employee relations, business development and operations skills to become an effective Red Team member. There are several types of Red Team Jobs that a person can find on offer and these include: corporate security, incident response, quality management and product engineering. The role of a Red Team is very important because it involves a high level of risk and involves a great deal of communication with people from different departments.

A Red Team Job requires individuals who possess both technical knowledge and creative thinking skills. As a member of a Red Team, you will work with security analysts, quality assurance engineers, computer testers, network analysts and developers to identify, analyze and resolve problems. Members of Red Teams may collaborate with marketing, accounting, supply chain, internal and external management staff. Members are also responsible for training and educating their own employees in areas such as computer skills, web technology, and psychology. If you possess the qualities of being a good listener, an effective communicator and an excellent team player, then you may have what it takes to become a successful Red Team job.

A Web Application Penetration Testing (also known as war) job requires you to perform automated testing and integration of web applications in order to detect and avoid any security flaws. Your job may involve performing manual security testing or utilize testing technologies that automate the process. In general, you will be required to execute security tests against a variety of software and web applications. In addition to security testing, you may also be required to perform website reliability, functionality testing, and cross-site reliability tests. To succeed in this role, you should possess excellent …

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July 14, 2020

Types of USB Drives

While the procedure to formatting USB drives is almost the same everywhere, they can come in several different physical types: USB flash drives, memory sticks, pen drives, mini drives, and other types of media. Any and all stored data on the USB drive shall be completely destroyed during this procedure. Be sure to backup the data beforehand, or else copy the data onto another secure place. It is also important to not format the device right away because if the formatting process fails, it could mean that there is already unsaved data on the device. This could lead to data loss.

Most types of usb drives are designed for memory usage only. For example, individual drives designed for memory usage would not be able to work with multimedia files at all. Therefore, most drives are compatible with most operating systems, although compatibility for certain types of media is dependent upon the maker of the device as well as the USB connection speeds being used.

CD-R drives are a prime example of USB media storage devices that have the capabilities of storing large amounts of data (though generally at low speeds). These drives have existed for some time, and are a great choice for storing large amounts of information. CD-RW drives are similar in function to CD-R drives, though they are smaller in size (by one megabyte). Because of their size, however, CD-RW drives tend to be more expensive than their CD counterparts. Additionally, the drive has been limited to CD-R compatibility levels for some time now, as manufacturers of other types of media such as DVD writers have developed the technology needed to support the larger capacity of the USB connection standard.

Types Of Usb Drives

Mini USB hard drives are typically used when only a few gigabytes of data …

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July 12, 2020

The Advantages of Red USB Peripherals

Most likely you have never heard of a Red USB stick. It may not be something that you are looking at buying for your company, but it sure is something that you can use in a multitude of ways. These are USB ports that come equipped with different types of data, such as those that are used for uploading files to your desktop or laptop. One of the nice things about these types of ports is that they normally have an external power supply attached to them. When these types of plugs are plugged into a computer, they make it possible for you to use multiple devices at the same time, which can lead to a lot of fun for people who are trying to multi-task.

Let’s take a look at an example of why you would want to connect multiple devices to a PC at the same time. Say you have several employees that are using Microsoft Word. You want to allow each of these employees to edit a Word document from his or her own computer at home, on the road, or anywhere else that they might be. If you were to hook up each of their computers to the company’s network, there would be a lot of wiring that would need to be done, and most likely some form of surge protection to protect sensitive equipment. You certainly wouldn’t want anyone at your business to suffer from a surge and lose valuable work that was created on that computer, right?

With a Red USB port, this is easily prevented. The Red USB spec actually defines a standard for connecting different peripherals to a USB device. The spec also defines how devices should communicate with one another, including power management. Basically, you can think of it as being …

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June 24, 2020

How Does Wannacry Infect Your Computer And What Is It?

Wannacry is a rare ransomware worm, which spread quickly through many computer networks last month. Once infecting Windows systems, it encrypts important files on the hard drive of the PC, rendering them inaccessible for normal users to access, and then demands a fee in exchange for decryption. This article will describe the most common signs of infection as well as how Wannacry can be prevented from spreading to your system.

As soon as you start getting calls from unknown numbers on your phone or internet, chances are that you will want to find out more information regarding who is calling. This is where wannacry infects your computer by creating a kill switch on your system. As soon as you install the Kill switch onto your PC, any incoming calls are blocked and thus you will only be able to receive calls if you initiate the call via the internet browser.

Because so many people have become aware of the cybercrime, several downloadable apps have been released to stop malicious software such as Wannacry from infecting your PC. However, not all anti-malware programs are effective against this particular malware. Most of these anti-malwares have been released to help protect consumers from scams, but not all of them are up to date with the latest patches and have the capacity to detect and remove cybercriminals such as Wannacry. You should therefore update your anti-malware applications immediately if you’re using a Windows version before trying to remove Wannacry.

If you see an encrypting file that you don’t recognize on your desktop or laptop, the chances are that your computer has been infected by this particular malware. The malicious codes used by Wannacry are very sophisticated and will decrypt your Windows file before sending it across the network. Once infected, your files will be …

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May 31, 2020

Guidelines On Technology Policy And Management

A Carnegie Mellon University (Carnegie Mellon) information policy and an access control system is often considered to be the foundation of information assurance. This is so because such a policy will require that a certain set of standards to be followed. This way, the company will be able to ensure that their information systems and networks are secured against external threats.

access controls policy is a set of rules, which are intended to guide or direct the users of the network hardware and software to follow. This way, the security procedures involved will ensure compliance with certain industry standards and practices. Such a policy may specify the authorization of users, the restriction of access, the blocking of certain activities and so forth. It may also address issues of confidentiality by requiring the proper reporting, corrective actions and so on.

When it comes to ensuring compliance with the Carnegie Mellon information technology PSPS or policy, then it is necessary for the company to have a set of formal guidelines. These formalities to ensure that the users will be aware of the rules they need to follow. For instance, there will be a requirement that they know how to use the logical access controls and how to clear the administrative hurdles when using the computer system in question.

Guidelines can also be developed for special cases such as those that deal with health care and human resources. The health care agency may have different rules on how to regulate the use of medical imaging devices in patient rooms. Guidelines for this particular aspect of information security risk management should take into consideration the fact that a health care company has patients who are prone to getting infected with viruses, germs and other harmful bacteria.

Access Controls Policy

There are also guidelines and …

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May 27, 2020

How to Analyze Web Application Pentesting Vulnerability And Carry Out Attacks

For companies that are looking into web application Penetration Testing for business purpose, there are many important things to keep in mind. The potential security issues involve not just simple coding issues but include database design issues as well. This is critical for any company that wants to ensure that their website is secure and safe. Here are some of the things that you should consider when it comes to web application Penetration Testing.

Web application Penetration Testing has to start early when the developer is designing the web apps. The amount of moving parts involved with building most web apps can certainly present a significant security risk which can cost companies a bundle in the future. If their delicate information is compromised by web attacks, your company will likely have to endure losing loyal customers as well. Reconnaissance and testing for vulnerabilities can help ensure that you don’t experience these issues. In some cases, you might also need to shut down production or remove the web apps altogether in case of discovered vulnerabilities.

When choosing a web application security testing platform, you want to choose one that has both capabilities to perform extensive testing and facilitate a thorough vulnerability detection and patching. To get the best results from the tests conducted, a penetration testing tool must provide end-to-end functionality including authentication, access control, etc. Most of the time, you will find that there are several tools that provide all the capabilities and features mentioned above. These are the most common features to look for when choosing a good tool.

Some of the common features that you should be expecting from a web application pentesting tool includes cross-reference scanning, verification, code dictionary, etc. In order to identify the vulnerabilities, these tools should provide comprehensive vulnerability assessment and patching capability. The …

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May 17, 2020

5 Types of Penetration Test That Could Lead to Successful Network Infrastructure Testing

When it comes to penetration testing, there are basically two main types of penetration testing. First is what is known as a passive probe or what is sometimes described as a black hat test. In this type of penetration testing, the tester acts in a passive manner and does not utilize any hacking methods. For example, if a hacker is trying to get into your network and finds a weak spot, they will try to exploit this weakness and find a way into your system. This is what is called a passive probe and it is often conducted by hackers looking to gain access to sensitive information.

The other main type of penetration testing is known as a black hat test. In this type of penetration testing, the tester will utilize different methods of attack that might be considered unethical. For example, they might utilize what is called a fuzzing attack in which they try to determine what vulnerable software components on your system are actually functioning normally. In some cases, the testers could also use what is called a Trojans as a way to infiltrate your network.

Different companies conduct their own penetration tests based upon their own set of industry standards and best practices. These companies may employ black hat or white hat techniques. There are even consultants that help IT professionals determine which techniques their organizations need to use. However, no matter what methodology IT professionals choose to perform these tests, one thing can be said: each test should be conducted with the end goal in mind. This means that the testers should not be too intrusive, they should only be able to show the potential security issues their tests can uncover, and they should also only reveal the data they collected, keeping all confidential.

Types Of

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